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I’m gonna need to see some ID.

Posted by jos76 on January 16, 2008


Remember back in the late 90’s when everyone that had a free email account (yahoo, hotmail, aol) saw all of their information displayed in the recipients email in-box?  I remember seeing the senders full name and various other pieces of information at the top of every email that I received.  Now, we wouldn’t be caught dead providing that type of information at random on the Internet (said Jos76 as he cautiously chose his year of birth to include in his blogname.)

But, had we not been freely given this information, my partner, Dac, and I would not be together today.  I posted a profile on love@aol (remember when we used to access the Internet through aol dial-up?) back in 2000 and Dac responded to it, claiming that he saw that I was Portuguese (and French Canadian) and decided to reply because he is Portuguese as well.  When I received his third email I noticed in the freely-provided information from hotmail that we had the same last name.  “Oh great,” I thought, “just when I meet someone that I really like I find out that he is a cousin or something!”

I mentioned it to Dac and he did not believe me at first.  In fact I had to show him my license on our first date to prove it to him.  No worries.  We are not related.  It turns out that my grandfather had changed his last name when he moved here from the Azores, so though we have the same last name now, we don’t have the same heritage.  Thank God!  What would our children look like?


2 Responses to “I’m gonna need to see some ID.”

  1. I read this post, gape-mouthed and unbelieving. I had to check, double-check and then make absolutely sure I hadn’t written it myself. Aside from our heritage, this is nearly the identical story of how my partner and I (who share last names, from birth) met. And no, we’re not related, either. I replied to his post because he had a link to his personal web site that gave his last name. His IM screen name was also on his web site. So I IM-ed him and said, “Hi! This is cousin Jeb”. Once he figured out I wasn’t a stalker, we started laughing and chatting. Our friends were more shocked with the name thing than anyone else. And our last names are far from Smith or Jones. Today, we’re married, and have two beautiful children. I had to print this post and take it into the kitchen and read it to him while he was loading the dishwasher. His jaw dropped. I’m still chuckling. Some things you just can’t make up. I’m so amused. Thanks for the grins. B~

  2. Jon Wulff said

    Very funny story! I linked to your AOL photo, in my blog. I wanted to give you credit, as the author:

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