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Costco is no place for kids

Posted by jos76 on January 30, 2008

In case you have been wondering why the blog title is Jos76, it is because I was born in 1976, when Gerald Ford was president (I just had to look that up. Do you know who was president when you born?) and disco was all the rage (that I knew). If you haven’t done the math yet, I’ll save you some time, I’m currently 31 (as of the writing of this post). This means that last year I had to turn 30. I didn’t see it coming. One day I realized that my 30th birthday was coming up in about four months. I decided that I wouldn’t talk about it much in hopes that no one would realize it. But, wouldn’t you know it, Dac and our families were well aware of my up-coming birthday and wouldn’t let it go by unnoticed.


It came. I turned 30. Nothing changed. I had already seen my brother turn 30. I attended a few 30th birthday parties prior to my initiation. Dac’s brother and his wife both had big parties and yelled their age from the rooftops. I figured that if they could do it, so could I. I was just not going to gather people to make sure that they knew. I was fine reaching the third decade of my life, but if others wanted to be informed they were going to have to figure it out on their own.

Dac is heading toward his initiation into the third-decade-of-your-life club in a few months and he is not yet sure if he wants to celebrate it or mourn it. We both work full-time professional jobs, pay a mortgage, vacation about once a year, contribute to our retirement funds, and stock-up at Costco. I’m not sure what wild and crazy 20-something lifestyle Dac is trying to hold on to, but I say that we pull him over the line with dignity and grace, whether he wants to come or not.


5 Responses to “Costco is no place for kids”

  1. Miss Stunning said

    You know me, so you know I LOVE birthdays… especially my own. I thought I was cool with turning 30. Turns out I wasn’t. I was fine until that week. The meltdown. Where had my life gone?!?!

    Then I was informed that 30 is the new 20.

    I’m holding on to that.

  2. Mom said

    Since I am your Mom I do remember, vividly, the day you were born in 1976. It certainly was the “disco” craze which I’m sure many people would like to forget!! All the things like the white three piece suits, K C and the Sunshine Band – you get the picture. It was also the Bicentennial. Now when I mention the Bicentennial to some young people they look at me and say “what’s that?” Oh well. Anyway it was also an election year like this year. This was my first year to vote in the Florida primary election, now that I am an “official” Florida resident. I am a registered independent which means I cannot vote either Democrate or Republican. I wanted to vote anyway because of the tax referendum that I am in favor of. I went to vote and they handed me a Democratic ballot. Why I do not know but at least I got to put my vote in for Hillary although I hear it will not count. Who understands all this???

  3. Rick said

    Wait till you hit 40!

  4. Trust me, it gets better. (And at 50 and 59, respectively, my partner and I can’t WAIT for the groundbreaking of the local CostCo. I know, pathetic…) Great blog, btw.

  5. thehostess said

    Thanks for the Edwards comment on my blog. Thought I’d drop by and check out your bog. I’m laughing because I see your mom chimed in for your birthday… you’ve got to love that. I was born in January also, but a decade earlier…I was learning to disco in high school, kissing my first girl, and realizing why guys did nothing for me. Lyndon B. Johnson was pres. and The Sound of Music won at the Academy that year…absolutely fabulous…

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