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If you really want to know..

Posted by jos76 on March 1, 2008

I stopped at Dac’s parent’s house last night on my way home from work.  Rock (Dac’s dad) has taken to calling me “blog guy” and always comments on my posts.  He had this to say about my previous post, Blue and Red Make Green:

“If you really want to know how your Republican friends feel about hot political topics, try this.  Get in a car with him/her and drive down the highway at 55 mph. ” 

(There is some planning involved and it requires the willing participation of a fox and at least 2 people-one Republican and one homosexual.  They can’t be the same person, so don’t try to save time and money by using a gay Republican, if you could even find one.  Stay with will make sense.)


“Once on a three-lane highway, drive down the middle.  Place the standing Republican in the right lane and the gay person in the left lane.  Just as the car approaches them, release a fox into the middle lane and see which way the Republican-friend-driver turns to avoid hitting the fox.”

“Then, once and for all, you will know if your friend is an animal-rights-activist.” (And find out where his/her loyalty stands.)

I don’t actually recommend doing this unless you really need to know if your friend is an animal-rights activist.  You gotta love Rock!



5 Responses to “If you really want to know..”

  1. Rick said

    The way I look at it there are more important things in the world than my ability to marry. Therefore, I often lean to Republican candidates. It’s a strange gay world.

  2. JOs76. A while ago you left a comment on my blog “god hates fags.” I understand that you are a gay dude in Mass, and I was wondering if there was any way that we could open up a dialogue. There are so many things that I need to learn about the gay lifestyle, and how Christians could be more effective in reaching this “market” that we have intentionally alienated. Dude, we have been total jerks to homosexual people, and if anyone claiming to be a Christian has ever been a jerk, let me apologize. I am sorry if someone claiming Jesus acted like an a-hole.

    I would love to have some e-mail conversations with you, if you have time and or desire.

    Let me know.


  3. Dana said

    Kind of silly; your illustration assumes that the driver can somehow pre-plan his reaction in an emergency, in a situation in which he can’t stop in time to not hit anything. It further assumes that the driver will be able to automatically recognize a homosexual vis a vis a heterosexual, a Republican vis a vis someone who isn’t, in a split second.

    I assume, of course, that you weren’t falling for your own illustration. The right answer is: no one is going to (willingly) run over anyone, even if he doesn’t like the other person.

  4. That’s hilarious!

    And thanks for visiting my blog (and your insightful comments!)

  5. normalboy said

    How funny!

    Hey, I tagged you for a meme! I’m supposed to comment on the blogs of the people I tagged. Thanks for visiting my blog too!

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