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The Single Issue Voter

Posted by jos76 on March 26, 2008

I’ve been more invested and interested in politics during this election than I have every been. Maybe it is because I’m a bit older, or maybe it is more interesting. Dac and I often talk about what we want in a candidate (and eventually President) and we revisit who we support more each time we hear the Democratic candidates speak.

I initially thought that I would vote for the candidate who supported gay rights more, but in the past few years I have realized that I am not a single issue voter. It seems also that I am not alone on this. The Washington Blade recently reported on a Human Rights Campaign survey that reported that about 25 percent of the gay. lesbian, and bisexual voters that responded said that the economy and jobs are the most important issues. Another 24 percent said that health care was the most important and 18 percent put Iraq as their top concern. Others voters chose taxes and government spending or the environment and global warming as their biggest concern. Only 21 percent of respondents made gay rights/marriage their top issue.


Unfortunately, the conservative right is not being as liberal in their voting issues of preference. NPR had an interview with Richard Land, who holds an influential position in the Southern Baptist Convention, which claims more than 16 million churchgoers. Land said that he is working to convince evangelicals that they should prioritize “the sanctity of human life (abortion) and … the sanctity of marriage” when voting.

That sounds like single issue voting for me and if that is the ideology of the socially conservative right-wing, I’ll just have to call myself a liberal.


4 Responses to “The Single Issue Voter”

  1. 1dumblonde said

    I am not a single issue voter either, but I over the years I have not voted for Republicans because their party does not support gay rights. This became clear to me when Nancy Johnson, considered a moderate Republican, wrote to me that she would not support a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage because “the Defense of Marriage Act already exists.” (She was voted out of office.) The problem is that the hard right of the Rep party controls. In Florida there is a proposed amendment to its state constitution banning gay marriage. So while I don’t choose the candidate I am for based on gay rights, I do choose the candidate I am against with that in mind. I am disappointed in what Bill Clinton did regarding GLBT issues, and particularly the military issue, but I don’t hold that against Hillary Clinton. I think she is a strong supporter of gay rights, but it’s not the entire reason I support her. Her environmental policy, economic plan, etc. are all important elements.

  2. Rick said

    Welcome back from Europe and congrats on the article.

  3. thehostess said

    Until I read your post I hadn’t put the single issue label on it, but your right…although I’m a lesbian and gay rights are very important to me, there are many issues I put right up there on my list and want to have met with the candidate I vote for. So I too am a multiple issue voter. I remember very well a comment you made about how conservatives just listen to what they’re supposed to vote for…”1 issue-THE issue”. You bring up such a good point. We as liberals can have numerous issues. We can hold our officials accountable to follow up on many fronts that we’re concerned about. (I see from the comment above that you’ve been in Europe…hope you had fun! Welcome back.)

  4. Surely the main issue is human rights? It should be, anyway.

    And that certainly includes gay rights.

    It also includes abortion, but people on both sides of that knotty one can claim to be supporting human rights.


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