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If They Only Knew

Posted by jos76 on April 27, 2008

Dac and I spent the weekend away at a retreat.  There is group of people in our church (an open and affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ) who were looking for a way to get together to talk about their spirituality and to engage in fellowship.  I’m always a little hesitant with the word “fellowship.”  I guess it is because I always think of old ladies sitting around drinking tea or some kind of tent revival situation.  The only other time I hear this word is when we talk about the “fellowship hour” that follows our Sunday morning worship services.  And, I must say, there are lots of older ladies sitting around drinking tea.

But, I got a very different perspective on the idea this weekend.  We all formed a very interesting group.  It ended up being five couples and our minister.  We went to the Deering Center.  Written on the sign, as you approach it on the winding New Hampshire road, is “Christian Family Camping,  Conference and Retreat Center.”  For most gay people, it would be a scary concept to even consider pulling in.  However, Dac and I went in the fall with another group and we found that it is a very peaceful place and every person who works there (and volunteers there) embodies true Christian values. 

Among our group were three gay couples (two female and Dac and I), and two straight couples, both couples are parents and one even has several grandchildren.  We were all welcomed with open arms and had a great experience.  I had a short conversation with the owner before leaving and told him how much we love going there.  He said he was happy that we had such a great experience and told me that he wants to make sure that everyone feels welcome, regardless of where they are on their Christian Journey.

Dac and I are sad to hear how most people automatically assume that Christian=dislike of gay people.  We understand why this is since so many fundamentalist groups do in fact disagree with our relationship, but we strive to also let people know that there is a place in the Christian Church for everyone.  We have an Ichthus (the Christian fish symbol) on our car and I’m sure that when people see it they think, “they are gay haters.”  If they only knew!


5 Responses to “If They Only Knew”

  1. wep601 said

    Chuckling warmly, I love your musings on the word “fellowship”! 🙂

  2. Rick said

    Glad you had a good weekend.

    The Ichthus symbol. I like the Darwinian one with the legs coming out of the fish. It’s probably considered rude to some but to me it symbolizes a good balance between religion and science.

  3. romach said

    Great blog buddy, I really enjoy reading your posts. I happen to know a lot of gay people who are Christians also. I think there are so many people out there that think being these do things is impossible. It really does show you just how small peoples minds are.

  4. Great you had a good weekend!

    I’ve spoken to many Christians about the ‘gay’ issue and it’s generally only the fundementalists who are venomously anti-gay. I saw in a history book the other day that many fundementalist wings of Christianity were born through the support of the Ku Klux Klan, so what can you expect? Hardly very ‘Christian’ origins.

  5. lesbiansaidwhat said

    Good post. I cringe when I hear the word fellowship also. The last time I heard that word was when a bunch of people from the church I attended invited me over to fellowship then attempted to cast the ‘demon of homosexuality’ out of me.

    I do believe that was the last time I fellowshipped. (is that even a word)

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