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Working from the Inside

Posted by jos76 on June 7, 2008

Now that Obama is the Democratic nominee for President in the November election, I have begun to compare McCain and Obama on “the issues.” I have not yet decided who to vote for. I never thought that I would be in a position to actually vote Republican. I guess that I have been a single issue voter in the past and voted for the the Democrat because he was also more pro-gay, regardless of his stance on other issues facing the country.

I’ve become quit interested in the Log Cabin Republicans recently and I am impressed with the work that they do. The Log Cabin Republicans are the nation’s only organization of Republicans who support fairness, freedom, and equality for gay and lesbian Americans.

As I have looked into this group further, I discovered that they are working to change the Republican party ideology so that it remains fiscally conservative instead of socially conservative, which has nothing to do with the origins of the Republican Party. The name goes back to Lincoln’s presidency, thus the reference to the log cabin. The work that they do rivals that of GLAAD, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and the HRC. The difference is that the LCR work from within the party, rather than from the outside. This is bold and brave work in my opinion.

Many might see this as self-hating or internalized homophobia, but I do not. This is a group that believes in the fundamentals of the Republican Party, such as individual responsibility, lower taxes, a strong national defense, limited government, free markets, and individual liberty. When you take the (new) socially conservative ideology out of the picture, this makes sense…at least to me. The LCR works from the inside, using the language of the party.

Log Cabin Commercial with Cheney

Log Cabin Commercial with Reagan

This does not mean that McCain will get my vote because he does not have a great record of supporting gay people (actually, he has a bad record). Civil Unions are the way to go in my opinion and McCain may have indicated that he is supportive, but it is unsure. I’m just thankful that the LCR is helping to make this a non-issue when voting. They are working to see to it that one day all Americans will be able to vote based on the quality of the candidate rather than on whether he/she (the voter) will lose or gain rights as a result of the election.


8 Responses to “Working from the Inside”

  1. keepingnote said

    This is really interesting. I didn’t know about this branch of Republicans. It’s really interesting and hopeful, actually. Thanks.

  2. thehostess said

    Hi Jos, although I personally can’t see the logic in voting for a party who’s stance is against abortion, against gays and pro-conservative Christian, I do admire the work that the LCRs do to keep gay issues mentioned from within the Republican party. Karl Rove’s adoptive father was gay, and we know about Cheney’s daughter, but with even close ties to homosexuality, these Republicans thwart gay rights. It’s my personal opinion that LCRs choose to look at their finances instead of their relationships for their vote. McCain might be the moderate and maverick that he’s talking about, but with him follow a long line of Republicans waiting to put forth their agendas, and a long line of Capital Hill and White House sympathizers hoping to keep their jobs with the next election. I say clean house…and will vote Democrat in November.

  3. Rick said

    Thanks for sharing this. While an Independent I’ve dabbled with LCR for quite awhile. Fiscal conservatism not only makes sense, it is really the only way to keep the country afloat. I don’t believe in big government and while on the surface it sounds “nice” and feels good to “help” everyone (a la Democrat spending) it’s just not practical.

  4. thehostess said

    Rick brings up a interesting issue here, Jos. The outdated idea that big government and spending is the realm of the Democrats and fiscal conservatism is the realm of the Republicans. It’s an old stereotype that hasn’t been played out in decades. Our 2 term president has built up quite a big government…and McCain stated today in a speech that “we’ve got to get spending down”. This being his war cry after 8 years of a fellow Republican in the White House (and until recently a Republican majority in Congress). It’s not how much each party spends but where it spends it that might be at issue with individuals.
    Fiscal moderation on each side of the parties is what needs to be noticed and candidates that expound on this idea is what will “keep this country afloat”.
    The idea that Americans are willing to vote in another Republican to spend more military money overseas (while not supporting the GI bill at home-Bush has threatened to veto it…) and not willing to vote in a Democrat who speaks of spending money on our citizens in our country, on the chance that some of that money won’t land in their own pockets, is hypocritical and short sighted. Our future is not in money, but in our citizens.

  5. I think that on the broad and connected questions of rights for all people, that it would be difficult to cast a ballot for the Republicans in 2008. I feel you can’t focus on group without a concern for all groups. This is why I have posted on my blog for gay marriage even though I am not gay. I’m not fully free if you are not fully free.

  6. […] Gay Folks Should At Least Consider Republicans—Otherwise They Will Get Used My blogger friend and comrade Jos 76 in Boston recently wrote about the Log Cabin Republicans.    […]

  7. Zach said

    Both Republicans and Democrats are for big government and big spending–the priorities are just different as to where that money goes.

    You are insane to even fathom voting for a nutjob like McCain for a second.

  8. I’ve heard some of the arguments against the welfare state, but since I’ve read a little Dickens I know they don’t work. I don’t understand right-wingers. They advocate a policy which was tried for years and which has been proven to fail dismally. Or do they think Dickens outlines a good working model?


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