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One last question

Posted by jos76 on February 2, 2008

I began a new job back in September of 2007. I have been teaching mostly middle and high school for the past ten years, but this new teaching position is in an elementary school. A whole different ball game. I am teaching first though eight grade in a small suburban independent school after having spent the past six years in a public charter school in the city. I could go on and on about the differences, but to be honest, financial situations aside, there are not a lot of differences in the kids. I have found that kids really are kids no matter where they are or how much or how little they have.

One thing that I was dreading when leaving my former school was not seeing my great colleagues/friends everyday. As I mentioned in a previous post, Dac and I are particular (luckily we can be) about where we work in that we have come too far with our relationship to have to hide it from anyone, so we have had the luck of taking positions where we can be out and respected. This was definitely the case for me in my previous school.


When interviewing for my current position, I asked one of the administrators (the tenth and last one that I had met with that day) if I could be frank with her. She said yes. I said, “I’m married to a man. How will that go over in this school?” She turned to me and simply said, “We don’t put up with any nonsense around here.” She said that she was honored that I had asked her this questions. She was wearing hot pink and white striped pants. I figured anyone who was comfortable wearing pants like that understood what it was like to be different, so I took a shot. Nothing but net!


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